Speed Bumps

A month ago or so we had an adventurous move. I won’t bore you with details. I will say that in the midst of the sudden happenings and adapting to yet another new normal our perspective has changed about life and the “things” we deem important.

Our families were incredible and we are forever indebted. Eric’s parents made several trips from Draft to deliver needed supplies. Since our new home wasn’t ready for us, we moved in with my family. It’s pretty remarkable when your parents give up their bed for you. We did life with my family longer than we should have and we still frequent their diner.

We are looking forward to a fully functioning home; we’re just waiting on our kitchen cabinets! Campbell County does require a kitchen sink for their final inspection. There are closets to finish out, other smallish sorts of things on the honey-do-list and a good amount of work outside for when spring shows up. The driveway will hopefully not have to wait till spring; we prefer frozen ground to wet so chances of getting stuck are lessened. I’m contemplating spray painting flat boxes for new, improved entry way mats. They are easily disposable and no scrubbing of Campbell CO red mud required! Any tips?

One of the really cool things more recently has been the time I’ve been able to spend with my sister. Back in the day I was the oldest daughter and she the youngest. Now, she’s all grown up and has been too sweet to me especially with the recent chaos. She’s a good sport in Lowe’s and insists we don’t need help ’cause we can do it all by ourselves! We’ve also enjoyed a little leisurely painting, with Gary our brother and the Painting Enthusiast looking over our shoulders.  Best of all, we’ve mastered chai lattes.

Chai Latte on Tray-1

Once again I feel like God has taken us through/is taking us through what has felt to us like a surprise speed bump. I look back at this past month and realize all over again how incredibly gracious our God is, how blessed we are to have family who’s stood with us no matter what and what a treasure we have in friends who have been a tremendous help and support.

photo from unsplash.com

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