Adapting to a New Normal

It wasn’t that long ago when life was “normal…” Perhaps I’ll qualify normal  as I perceived it to be:

  1. Enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a bit of half and half in the mornings. (The cream swirled so nicely and it tasted amazing!)

  2. Taking a brisk walk while talking with a friend or listening to songs on my mp3 player.

  3. Working full time for the Libbey family primarily caring for their two children, Luke & Charlotte. (There were also the dogs, laundry, housekeeping & grocery shopping on occasion to attend to.)

  4. Eating entrees without giving thought to ingredients, sipping gourmet coffee drinks topped with whipped cream & indulging in that bag of Hershey chocolate that I managed to get on sale!

Those were just a few of the things that were a part of my everyday life.  Simple, little things.  Things that I took for granted and assumed that I would continue enjoying in the days ahead.

I began struggling with my health. I’d often find myself “sick” continually but didn’t know why I wasn’t feeling well. I went through many tests, but the doctors found nothing that explained my health decline. I continued working and desperately hoped that I could keep up though it was challenging with my health difficulties. Then, it happened.  The moment I had hoped and prayed wouldn’t come. I had to ask for a leave of absence from work.  Also, I was told by my Dr. to avoid all 4-legged meat and dairy products thanks to one of those nasty critters (A tick) that seemingly gave me a meat allergy. I also have indoor/outdoor allergy symptoms which keeps me inside more than I was used to. (I never thought I’d dust my house more than once a week. It does help though.) I have one of those odd white masks I can wear outside but it makes me feel really strange and I get tired of the questioning looks. I’ve also stayed away from gluten products in hopes that it will help me feel better.  I eat interesting things these days.  I’m learning to like Kale soup. I love quinoa salad with my mom’s greenhouse peppers and cucumbers. (I’d have to admit that a little feta cheese would make it even more tasty.) I eat chicken and more chicken and wish that God would have made another flying bird of some kind that would be tasty! Perhaps, dove? I do like turkey and find it to be a nice alternative to chicken or fish.

Regardless, this blog isn’t all about  my health or lack of it. It’s not all about food items either!

It’s simply about life as I perceive it and things that now occupy my time.

I do have a passion for saving money. I’m delighted when I can find a high dollar coupon to combine with a sale item. I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Though using coconut flour isn’t the same as working with regular white flour it’s fun to see what I can create.

I desperately want some of “normal” back; however, I want to embrace what God has allowed in my life and choose to be grateful in the midst of what I don’t understand.  He certainly knows. He certainly cares.

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