Little People Who Have Touched my Life

I’ve spent the majority of my time since high school caring for children. Children have added so much to my life. Each child that I’ve had the privilege of caring for has left a special place in my heart.

I taught 1st and 2nd grade at Bethel Mennonite School for two years. Unfortunately, my pictures from that season of life weren’t digital. I do find it hard to believe that my first graders are now driving!

After my teaching experience, I enjoyed getting to know Caroline Whitesell and her family.

Caroline at Amazement Square for her birthday celebration

Scottie and I spent many happy hours outside. He loved playing in the sandbox and taking short walks with me. He missed him mommy lots though and was always delighted to see her pull up in the drive way.

Sweet smile

Later I had the opportunity to help care for Henry. I still remember him saying, “Hug for me please!”

Sweet boy!

Luke and Charlotte Libbey have been a part of my life most recently.

Jo's Kids-3
I’ve known this little lady since she was 3 months old!
Jo's Kids-39
Luke loved spending days at the farm.

Dawson Miles, my little nephew, is a bundle of energy. I love spending time with him.  This picture was taken when he was just a little fellow. Now He’s three years old!

Little Dawson with Grandaddy
Little Dawson with Grandaddy

Children don’t outgrow your heart! Thank you to each of these dear children and many more who’ve brightened my days and taught me so much. Thank you to each parent who has entrusted me with one of God’s most precious gifts, your child.

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  1. Thank YOU Joanne for the love and care you showed our children. You had a profound effect on them (and us) for which we will always be grateful!

    1. I appreciate each of you and will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your lives. Do come see us if you get a chance! Happy New year to each of you.

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