Flowers and I go Way Back

I had the opportunity to grow up on a sprawling farm in Campbell County which automatically made/makes me a country gal!

Excitement would build when early spring came; it meant the beginning of outdoor adventure! Granted, I disliked aspects of farm life like feeding calves before the break of dawn and fearing I would encounter a skunk. I would mentally envision the tomato bath and horrendous smell that would follow me all the way to school. Thankfully, this fear never became reality though I did spy one of those black and white critters early one morning.

One of the things I loved about where we lived was the large space I was able to claim for my very own.  There was a stoutly looking oak tree towering over several flower beds that I made. Accomplishing this project was no small thing; it took  lots of hard work, sweat and perseverance.  My dad supplied rich topsoil for the beds. I then would go to a local greenhouse with my mom to shop for flowers. FUN!

My mom’s hobby is flowers; her beds are beautiful. I remember as a young girl wanting my flowerbeds to look like hers.  I loved shopping for flowers with her because she let me pick out a certain number of plants and then would decide just a few more flowers would be okay! Flowers were her weakness, so we’d go home with a van full of fragrant annuals.

It’s been a long time since those young, carefree days. However, I’m realizing that I still love flowers. Mom came the other day and, like old times we went to a greenhouse right up the road. Unlike old times, I paid for my own flowers – though I should mention that it’s the end of the season so the flowers were very inexpensive. We came back to my place and mom very sweetly helped me plant the flowers. I was’t sure how long I’d be able to be outside. (I have environmental allergies and have been very limited in the amount of time I can be outside- especially this Spring. ) I wore my mask and made sure I had insect repellent on. (No more nasty ticks please!) The next several hours went by swiftly. Yes, I made it that long outside. I did a little happy dance.

There’s nothing quite like making your spot beautiful. It’s refreshing to look outside our front windows and see the bright colored Vincas smiling in the sun. I also decided if I can’t bring the aroma and beauty of several red rose cuttings inside that I could still enjoy a bouquet on our porch. It’s cheery and welcoming.

I felt alive when I was outside puttering in the flowerbeds. I felt as if God himself was reaching down placing His hand on my shoulder reminding me that good things do come for those who wait. The gentle breeze was like feeling and sensing His pleasure. It was a holy moment; a moment when time seemed to stand still.

When something you hold dear has been taken from you, and then is slowly handed back to you in little everyday miracles, it stirs gratitude in the depth of your heart that you couldn’t have otherwise known. 

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