Learning to Choose Gratitude in Everyday Life

Our moving date is just around the corner! I must admit I’m ready to leave hectic city life behind. I’m anticipating the quiet of country life.

We’re realizing that with each move we’ve made there are unexpected or additional expenses that occur. My husband is currently trying to find the most reasonable, reliable internet service offered in Campbell County. I’m thinking about the 13 windows that are in need of shades and curtains.

We’ve spent the last year and a half living in studio style apartments with limited space. I’m very excited about moving into a house that contains ample storage, additional rooms and tight windows!

In the midst of the excitement and blessings we’re encountering I’m realizing that I’m in need of learning more about contentment. Here are some things that I’ve been reminded of and need to implement into my daily life:

  • I can’t have it all. There are many things that would be nice for our new home but they’re not necessities. (Curtains for each room with elegant rods to hang them from would make the place feel more cozy.  Also, a china hutch would be a welcome addition for the elegant dishes that have been sitting in storage since we’ve been married. Perhaps a full length couch would be in order so we could accommodate more guests! Did I mention a larger kitchen table?) Some of the items I’ve mentioned are justifiable but my happiness isn’t contingent on having these things. I can grow in creativity and learn to be resourceful with the things that God has provided for us.
  • I can’t compare myself to others. It is too easy for me to compare our living status with those around me. I desire to learn more about accepting what God has provided for us instead of dwelling on things that are not ours. He is our faithful provider in all things!
  • I’m blessed beyond measure. There are so many ways God has shown His love and care for us. Through my recent health difficulties He’s given comfort and care in the midst of uncertainty and struggle. He’s blessed us with family and friends who’ve prayed earnestly in our behalf. He’s provided a place for us to move to and an understanding landlord. He’s faithfully cared for our everyday needs. He’s given us the gift of each other.
  • I’m not here to stay. Someday life as we  know it will be no more. These things that we hold onto are only temporal. I pray for eyes to see what is eternal. I’m not implying that things aren’t necessary or that our homes should be void of beauty and warmth. I’m simply acknowledging my own weakness and desire to live with more gratefulness.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Choose Gratitude in Everyday Life”

  1. Amen. Me too, Jo. Are you walking through the box piles yet? We’ll never have everything we want or have a perfect life- (we’re not in heaven yet) I was just thinking about that this evening. Thanks for the reminder to thank God for what I have. Blessings as you move!

  2. Blessings to you, Coleen. You do have a lot to pull together this week. Please know i care and trust things will go smoothly for you. Some of our boxes have already left which helps! Take care, friend!

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