Life Lessons from Drinking Tea

Chilly describes these last couple of nights; I’m grateful for our warm, cozy apartment.

During this time of year there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of Java or tea to warm you.  Additionally, there is something to be said for sipping a beverage with a friend. The warmth penetrates your heart. I’ve been blessed with several recent opportunities to share with friends in this way. Time with others is a gift.

I spent this past weekend with my good friend Lydia Byler, blogger at The Thrifty Frugal Mom. Though we certainly enjoyed deal shopping together, a highlight was stopping at a nearby coffee shop. (*Yes! The decaff iced Americano with almond milk was tasty.) However, it wasn’t so much the gourmet coffee drink that made this experience worthwhile; it was the fact that I was sharing this experience with a friend. Our conversation was meaningful and encouraging.

Yesterday, a sister from church planned a lovely tea. She had a luscious spread: pumpkin scones, pumpkin squares, decadent chocolate, and Taquitos served with sour cream and salsa. There was a variety of beverages to choose from:  assorted teas,  Chia tea lattes and of course coffee! We enjoyed sitting around the table sharing with one another.

I’m reminded of several things by these recent experiences.

  1. Moments are gifts we’re are given. Though life involves responsibility there is blessing in setting aside focused time to share with another.
  2. Spending time together isn’t so much about the place as it is sharing with a friend! Yes, ladies do notice atmosphere. I will readily admit that I enjoy  coffee shops, and eateries like Panera Bread and The Farm Basket. However, it’s not a requirement for meaningful interaction. Our homes can be a welcoming haven for a friend. Together we can sip tea and talk!

I want to be more conscious of  relationships and less focused on things that I let preoccupy my time. However, I can’t ignore responsibility; the boxes are still waiting to be filled and our moving day is getting closer! May God give us all wisdom to know how to order our lives. May we glorify  Him in all we do.

*Earlier I did a post entitled,  Adapting to a New Normal. I mentioned that I’ve had some health related challenges. I also noted that I’ve missed drinking coffee. More recently I’ve been able to drink small amounts of coffee occasionally. Oh, it’s delightful!


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